Josephine presents the property we all have been waiting for: A fabulous new listing on the sunny side of the Palma Tennis

IMG_5227Our sales agent Josephine just listed this incredible, modern home for just under 1 million Euro by the Palma Sport & Tennis Club. “This property is truly one of a kind. A very special place. Its location is perfect being directly at the Tennis club and a few steps away from Santa Catalina, Palma´s prime location,” explains Josephine. The apartment has two spacious terraces, one of which has exceptional views. It is located on the eighth floor of a well-kept building with elevator, parking and storage room.

Renovated in 2006, the apartment is in tip-top condition. If desired, the new owners could easily open up the kitchen to the living room. Thanks to the terraces on either side of the property and its perfect southwest orientation, the property gets sun all day long. In total, there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 2 of them en-suite.

For more pictures and information refer to our website Ref. MF1559

IMG_2948 IMG_2925 IMG_2944 IMG_2974

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Our Gardener says…

Primerafoto Gardening in hot climates requires very different approaches and plants then in the North of Europe. Our gardener Victor shared the wisdom he’s acquired from a lifetime of digging, planting, caring for, and feeding his own garden in Mallorca.

Q: The question our clients always ask is what’s the best tree to plant on your terrace in Mallorca?
This, of course, depends on the size of your terrace. But, in general, you’re likely to get the most enjoyment from trees that naturally stay rather small and don´t loose a lots of leaves. Lemon trees and olive trees, two of the big favorites amongst Northern Europeans, are actually ideal if the terrace gets plenty of direct sunlight. Both of these trees can survive with limited water and lots of sun.

Q: What about for a terrace in the shade or a courtyard (patio)?
 If there is no direct sunlight at all then the ficus or the cica palm tree are the best options.

Q: What about if we want some flowers on the terrace?
There are many options that can sustain the climate here. Amongst them, I would recommend lantanas, bougainvillea, lavenders, oleanders and roses. Instead of flowering plants, I also like to combine plants with different leave colours.


Q: Are these plants relatively maintenance free?
 Most don´t require much pruning. Occasionally, a new plant or very old plant will struggle and even die—it happens. But for the vast majority of plants grown in home landscapes, if you plant them in the right place and if you water carefully for a period of time to establish healthy roots, they will grow. Diseases are uncommon if plants receive the water and the sunlight they are supposed to have.

Q: How often do I need to water?
This is the most frequent question ever! The answer is: it all depends on the soil. A good soil and an abundance of it are the secrets to watering less. I recommend to use a soil that has a lot of pores so it does not crack when dry. The pots must have a drainage at the bottom and plates under during the summer time. Water the plant until you see water starting to come out at the bottom.  With a good soil and the right plants, watering should be carried out once a week in the winter time and twice a week during the hottest summer months.

unspecifiedQ: If I want a lawn, what type of lawn do I plant and when?
In Mallorca Bermuda grass is the only way to go. Bermuda grass requires a lot less water, it is very resistant to plagues and diseases and it spreads rapidly. The ideal time for planting is September/October or February/March.

Q: Where do you purchase plants?
There are a number of places with excellent customer service where you can purchase plants. These include, but are not limited to: Magatzem Verd, Can Juanito in Son Ferriol, Viveros Sa Porrassa in Santa Ponsa.

For more help and recommendations for your garden, you can contact Victor directly at:

Victor Gonzalez
Tel.: 653 544 767

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Top Four Fixer-Uppers on The Market in Palma

Anyone who’s ever watched an hour of renovation realities on TV, or renovated a property before, knows that miracles are possible with a little elbow grease and a checkbook. For many, fixer-uppers are the best option in Mallorca´s escalating real estate market. Here, we’ve highlighted four properties in need of some major TLC that could be true gems:

Studio with spectacular views in Cala MajorIMG_2338

Asking: 79.000 Euro Ref.: MF1531 

What we love: Aside from the price, we love the fabulous view you have from the apartment. The terrace is large enough to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sun. The beach is very close and there is a 24 hour concierge, which is always handy to have. 

What I would do about it: We would definitely renovate the bathroom, put in a new kitchen, floor and paint. Some nice plants on the terrace can give it a final touch. With this, the apartment can be an excellent step-in property or a rental property that can go for about 500 Euro/month.

Large apartment on a quiet street of Son Armadans1

Asking: 500.000 Euro Ref.: PL001

What we love: Spacious and bright rooms. Oversized living room on two levels with access to two large terraces. Lovely vintage floors and views to the gardens and the Church of Son Armadans.

What we´d do: The kitchen and the bathrooms need a complete makeover. We would keep the original flooring. We would throw some walls: between the kitchen and the living room and between the two smaller bedrooms.

Beautiful townhouse with terrace in Santa Catalina

Asking: 895.000 Euro Ref.: MF1378

What we love: Hip Santa Catalina location, traditional two floor townhouse, wooden beams, private patio with possibility of additional roof terrace.

What we´d do: The possibilities here are endless. We would add a garage, redo the bathrooms, move the kitchen to the patio side and add a roof terrace to gain sun all day long.

Authentic townhouse to renovate in Son Armadans

Asking: 370.000 Euro Ref.: MF1408

What we love: Great location close to the new Palma Sport & Tennis Club. Wooden beams, fireplace. It can be turned into two apartments or left as a single family home..

What we´d do: The house needs a full update so you need to go in with quite an open budget. Renovating but keeping the original traditional features would add big style and increase the future resale value significantly.

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Vivian Grunblatt: “The Swedish client is the ideal counterforce against seasonality”


The founder of Mallorcaresidencia, Vivian Grunblatt, was interviewed on May 8, 2016 by El Mundo, one of Spain’s largest newspapers, regarding the Swedish real estate market in Mallorca:

She greets me with a tray of freshly baked cookies and despite her name, her Nordic looks and her slightly untraceable accent, there is no doubt that this woman is a native Majorcan. She was born on the island and grew up in a city much less active than the one we see today, studied political science in the United States and later discovered that her vocation lay in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Today, her real estate agency is one of the most significant when it comes to understanding the Swedish customer. This despite of an increased competition to capture the demand of a market that is not so large – about ten million people – but ever so lucrative and secure. The interview, of course, takes place in Santa Catalina, the Little Sweden of Palma.

Q: What led you to bet on the Swedish market at a time when it had just started to develop? Were you somewhat of a visionary?

A: I started this project ten years ago, in 2005, for quite some circumstantial reasons. At first I operated from Sweden, because my husband worked as a consultant for an international company based there. Before that, I had owned a company linked to the real estate business but more related to property services, which I sold upon moving. For me, at the time, doing this work was a way of offering a product that I knew well, in combination with having a job which allowed me to return frequently to Mallorca. After all, it is the place where I was born. My parents are Hungarian and came here in 1973. As simple as that! Imagine, at that time we were only three real estate agencies who worked towards the Swedish market. Now there are thirteen, and that includes several large Swedish companies who have opened branches in Palma. Only between 2013 and 2015, I estimate that the turnover has grown by 100% which has also meant a big change in the profile of our clients.

Q: Was it difficult to sell Mallorca to the Swedish public?

A: At first, yes. Keep in mind that most of them barely knew the island, or rather had a distorted view of it: they knew it was a summer resort, maybe they had spent a weekend with the family at the beach in Alcudia, and they had heard of Magaluf (with all that implies). Basically, there was some prejudice. In fact, during the first two years my main job consisted of travelling with clients to the island. We would spend a week exploring both city and countryside, while I was trying to convince them that this destination is unbeatable. Of course, it succeeded. Then, in 2007, we moved back to Mallorca, the family grew, my husband joined the agency and everything changed for us…

Q: Did you start out here in Santa Catalina? I ask because I find the fascination that Swedes have for the area so interesting. Do you have a theory about this?

A: Yes, from the beginning we set up here, basically because we lived in the neighborhood at the time (not anymore). We hit the nail on the head choosing the location, but it was a total coincidence! We started out in a smaller office, we moved to the current in 2009… And now this one is getting a bit crowded! In fact, for a while we had a second office in San Agustin, since we also work a lot in that area, but our sales agents prefer to work here. As for the Swedish fondness for this particular area… Well, it’s hard to explain, but there is definitely some connection because the whole phenomenon goes way back. There have always been some Swedish establishments in Santa Catalina, even when there were very few Swedes living in Palma. I think our customers like the fact that it’s a lively, relatively independent neighborhood; perhaps they find the atmosphere in for example the Old Town a bit too metropolitan. However, it is undisputed that Swedish media has written extensively about the area lately, and Santa Catalina as well as Palma (note: Palma, not Mallorca) has turned into somewhat of an obsession for the Swedes.

Q: How do you capture your clients?

A: We barely have any walk-in clients, directly from the street. Our promotional work mainly transpires in Sweden, where we do a lot of publicity. We have optimized the use of the website, we assist real estate fairs in Sweden and our agents sometimes spend whole weekends there for client meetings…

But the most important thing by far, is that during these ten years we have made a name and created a good reputation, allowing us to grow and prosper.

Q: You mentioned earlier that the upswing of the Swedish market has caused a change in your clients’ profile. Could you explain this?

A: In the early years, we worked with much younger people, couples in their early forties, sometimes looking for a vacation home but mostly wanting to invest in real estate. This has changed in the last six years, perhaps due to the financial crisis. The fact is that the clients now dominating the market are people born in the fifties. They are retired or semiretired, with savings and quite a lot of money, and are eager to enjoy life. This, of course, has consequences on the type of property they demand. In 2007 people wanted to buy in Santa Ponsa, Andratx and on the east coast… They were often interested in new productions with communal areas, suitable for families with children. The new type of customer prefers an apartment that allows them to walk anywhere, not giving much importance to the number of square meters. What they do often want, however, is a good terrace to enjoy the sun on. But otherwise, they are looking for an urban environment that lets them enjoy the island life. Another very interesting aspect is that these clients prefer – if the weather allows – to spend the summer in Sweden. They buy a property in Palma to spend one week per month here between September and April. I think this is kind of the ideal client for an island that is always looking for ways to combat the seasonality.

Q: These new clients, what areas and neighborhoods are they interested in?

A: The greatest demand is definitely in the center of Palma, but areas as Cala Major, Cas Català, Illetes and Portals are also popular. Within the city, as we have already established, the absolute favorite is Santa Catalina, but lately we are also noticing a huge demand in the area of Son Espanyolet and around the new Sport and Tennis Club.

Q: Son Espanyolet?

A: Yes, the city is expanding in that direction, at least when it comes to our clients, who often find the city center a bit too urban. The Swede wants terrace and sun, which can still be found in Son Espanyolet. This year, we have started up a new department that advises developers on new works that fit the Swedish demand. We have been involved in three projects already, all of which consisted in recovering and restoring abandoned buildings in Santa Catalina and Son Espanyolet. All three projects were sold long before the construction work even began. Working with restoring is very exciting and so much fun. After all, this is where the future of the property sector on the island lies.

Q: What progress do you predict for the Swedish market in the next few years?

A: It will definitely keep growing. In the next three years, I think everything will be just fine. In fact, right now there is more demand than supply, at least regarding the demand from our clients. One has to keep in mind that the Swedish society is much about trends, and right now Mallorca is very trendy. Previously, it was Marbella or the French Riviera, but we simply offer more: better connections, higher security, and a city that is active all year round. When I was growing up it was different, but nowadays Palma is almost like a mini version of Barcelona.

Q: The danger with trends, is that they pass. What can be done to preserve the market you dedicate so much time and effort to?

A: Right now, we are the perfect destination for the Swedish clients. The challenge will be to stay as we are, which is not that easy. The other day I heard someone compare the center of Palma with Venice, which may seem exaggerated, but it is true that sometimes the flood of people here is impressive. Mallorca is so attractive because it is a place where one can rest, relax and enjoy the well-preserved landscape. Despite many mistakes of the past, so far we have managed to keep all that; I think it is worth to continue. But to suggest something a little more concrete, it would be to further increase the focus on businesses offering a traditional product in a modern, attractive packaging.

The original article can be read here:

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Beautiful beaches in Mallorca





Es Trenc is a favourite among families, tourists, sailors, nudists and residents of the island. It is a well-preserved area that consists of a 5 km long white sandy beach with turquoise seawater. Es Trenc is located on the south coast of Mallorca.
Distance: from Palma centre by car: 40 minutes

Sa Calobra is a beautiful small beach situated between two mountains. This one of a kind beach with its torques water really is an experience not to be missed. It is located on the north part of Mallorca.
Distance: from Palma centre by car: 1,5 hour

S’arenal Porto Colom is an amazing beach of white sand located in a wonderful position with both sunny open and covered shade areas. From the beach its very common to have beautiful views towards sailing boats and yachts because this is a popular spot to anchor. There is a small, charming restaurant for those who get hungry or thirsty. S’Arenal Porto Colom is located on the east coast of Mallorca.
Distance: from Palma centre by car: 1 hour

Cala llamp is an attractive beach for those who like deep water and rocks. On the beach you can find the popular Gran Folies Beach Club, which we wrote about in the previous newsletter. This is a well-known place and if you wish for a table, swimming pool and sunbeds you must call and make a reservation. Because the small rocky beach quickly becomes busy. Cala Llamp is located on the west coast of Mallorca.
Distance: from Palma centre by car: 40 minutes

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Cinema a la fresca


Watch movies under the stars in front of the beautiful Cathedral in Palma centre

During August and September there will be an open air cinema screening in front of the Cathedral. It is free entrance and the movies will be in Spanish, Catalan or English. In August the films will start from 9.30pm and in September from 9.00pm. To see the list of the movies that will be shown, click here

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Tax representative in the office


Monica Sala helps you with any questions about taxes

During the months of July and August our tax representative Monica Sala will be available to talk to you in our Santa Catalina office every Wednesday from 9.30 to 13.00 o´clock. As homeowners in foreign countries, you are required to submit an annual tax return for non-residents/residents. Monica is from Mallorca, speaks fluent English and can help you with tax declarations and other related questions. If you would like to book an appointment with Monica, please contact us.

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“Nits a la fresca” Summer Concerts in Andratx


The place to enjoy music in the southwest of Mallorca

“Nits a la fresca”, open air concerts, began year 2000 as a modest show that has grown into an extremely popular event that attracts visitors from countries all over the world. These concerts consist of many different performances including music of all types; classical, piano concerts, musicals, jazz, opera, operetta, etc.

Andratx is one of the best places to host this event, as in summer it transforms itself into a magical place, full of life, activity, energy and a great atmosphere. The port lights up and the restaurants offer the best food and the best cocktails.
Read more.

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Copa del Rey – King’s Cup in Palma


A major nautical event in Mallorca

The Copa del Rey is the most important of all the sailing competitions held in Spain and is one of the Mediterranean’s most important nautical sporting events.

Since starting in 1982 with around 50 vessels, it has expanded to include over 100 participants. The regatta takes place in the Bay of Palma and is the highlight of the international yachting calendar each year.

In the recent years the event has added a more of a festival atmosphere with live music, food and drinks to attract a wider public including non-sailors.

Read more on the official website.

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Quiron Palmaplanas offers healthcare in Mallorca


International health care in Palma and around the island

The last thing you want to do on your vacation is to spend time at medical centers and hospitals, but an accident can happen when you least expect. Then it can be good to know that there is professional help available.

IMS Arenal, is a company that focuses on taking care of international patients and has a service network throughout the island and work exclusively with the Hospital Quirón Palmaplanas. The care is personalized and adapted to the needs of foreign patients in Mallorca. They can get help in their native language, comfortable room and without unnecessary delay. In addition, we can help with all contact with the insurance company and the preperations for the journey home.

How do I know if I am insured?

It is always good to add a travel insurance when you book your trip, but in most home insurance policies include a travel insurance up to 45 days. It might be good to check your insurance before departure to see what it covers.

Quiron Palmaplanas is one out of the biggest private hospitals in Mallorca which has an area of 87,000 m2 and offers a wide selection of specialties within health care, medical and surgical specialties, dental care and pediatrician. Quiron also offers several health centres around the island, as well as a day hospital in Playa de Muro.

Call the freephone number 900 84 44 84, where you mention that you are a customer of Mallorcaresidencia. You get in contact with multilingual health professionals 24 hours a day to provide quick and effective support with the handling of medical appointments and ambulance, if necessary.

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